Engaging and supporting people who inspire, equip and mobilize others to take action that changes the world.

Past Forum Agendas

FAVRM regularly convenes Forums with participants coming from across Florida. The Forums provide face-to-face opportunities to discuss new ways to engage volunteers, professional development for volunteer leaders, as well as share best practices to ensure that volunteers have positive and meaningful experiences.

Check out some of the agendas below of past Forums to get an idea of the subjects we discuss and the wide variety of speakers and presenters we engage. We hope you’ll join us at our next Forum! 

Forum Agenda Feb 2017

State Conference Agenda November 2016

Forum Agenda Aug 2016

Forum Agenda February 2016

Forum Agenda August 2015

Forum Agenda March 2015

Forum Agenda November 2014

Forum Agenda August 2014

Forum Agenda April 2014

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